Marketing for Noobs

Marketing is all about the value you provide to your customers, users, and buyers. It is a huge misconception that if your product is not of any value, marketing will make up for it. You can fool people for some time but eventually, the reality will catch up and your buyers will know the truth.

Marketing started with advertisements on TV, Newspapers, radio ads, and product placement. In the initial period of marketing, marketers want to increase the visibility of their products and chose this medium. Their message reaches a large audience. Every one in five sees their message. Some of them even end up buying the product. Everything was going well until the new-age marketing comes into the picture.

The audience eventually becomes smarter and does not fall for these advertisements and wants more customer-centric marketing where each message is crafted specifically for them. With the increase in the use of social media, e-mail, and blogs the traditional marketers had lost their way. They started innovating with online ads and realized that every problem can be solved if they moved to new-age marketing. They can craft a particular message for a particular group and can target the one TG that will definitely buy the product.

Apart from target marketing, content creation also became a major part of marketing. Advertising evolved from prints to digital and social media.

The evolution of Marketing in the Digital Era is an important aspect to know and understand. More of which I will be explaining in my next blog. Stay Tuned