Evolution of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon. Mentioning that Social Media took the internet by the storm will be similar to mentioning ‘water is wet’ or ‘fire is hot’.

Since the inception of social media, it has been branding itself as a medium to connect and nurture bonds and connections. Social media is a blessing if you use it right.

Eventually, marque labels and brands joined the wagon. Social Media had a number of platforms where they could connect and interact with their audience. 

Social Media Marketing Platforms Then and Now

While Facebook was on the high-rise, these labels took the opportunity and created pages.

On these pages users could follow them, interact with them, and get to know about their plights and other useful insights.

Post, FB ads had caught up to the race.

When Instagram came into the picture, it was just a photo-sharing app.

Now, it has become a part of the audience’s lifestyle. The trendy and new-age features on Instagram has given users an integrated and personalized experience.

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Brands today heavily invest in their Instagram strategy creating a direct connection with their audience. Brands no longer want to be in their sky-high castles where the general public has no reach. 

The current scenario has forced the brands to be consumer-centric and to rethink their communication strategy altogether.

Influencer Marketing and User Generated Content in Brand’s Marketing Mix

With influencer marketing, the UGC or user-generated content on the rise, and the brands have now realized that to reach their target audience they need to get them equally involved in their marketing strategy.

Wow Skincare had targeted micro, macro, and nano beauty influencers which had swayed the brand’s perception in the user’s sight. 

User-generated content is on the rise. UGC is not just an interaction between brands and users anymore. It has become a brand identity and social proof.

A reality check on the brand’s promise. Brands like Swiggy, Zomato have given a new edge to UGC strategy.

Zomato’s create your own Zomato Ad was a deal-breaker.  #Zomatoloot had thousand of entries and millions of reshares. 

While the conventional brands are trying to strike a chord with the fast-paced online environment.

New brands are banking upon the success of the influencers and creating a well-known position with the younger generation.

Upcoming Social Media Trends

Virtual Influencer:

Apart from using virtual influencers as a medium, brands can even create their own virtual influencers to amplify their brand identity.

Since this trend is still rather new, it’s currently easy for brands to gain attention and increase reach with this method.

Henceforth, many brands can create their own social media influencer who will speak specifically for their brand and be advocates.

Brands need to develop a human-like personality to be more connected in the social media marketing strategy. Learn how to enhance your personality.

People do not connect with brands or companies anymore. People connect with people. The reason being similar experience and faith in the same species. Brands have started being more personal in their social media communications.

Social media marketing plans are concentrated on people and their feeling. Brands no longer want to be out of the league. They want to be like your friend that lives next door. This is the reason why concentrating on the current trends is so relevant for social media marketing teams.

Marketing to Gen Z

Coming back to marketing to Gen Z, brands have to be consistent, captive, and creative with their Social Media Marketing Mix. A number of brands have got it right.

Their Social Media platforms are innovative, creative. They are quick in capturing the trends. One Plus has nailed their social media marketing game.

They have not only created engaging content but have kept it short and crisp. Exactly how Gen Z likes it.

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One cannot be oblivion to the fact that marketing to Gen Z and Millenials involves an active approach towards all the social issues.

Gen Z and Millenials do not want to interact with brands that do not care about such vital issues. They do not like brands just concentrated on money minting. What better way to show you care than social media. A medium that everybody uses.

You can not excel in your marketing strategy if you don’t acknowledge mental health or LGBTQ rights. Brands’ social media marketing strategy involved being relevant to these social issues.

Whenever something relevant like LGBT month arrives every brand’s social media change their logos to rainbow colors as they want to make sure that their audience knows that they care about these issues.

Short Format Video

Gen Z do not want an ad feature that explains about the product or the ten minute long advertisement that emotionally resonates with them. They want a quick 30 second video of what you want to say.

Tik Tok is one of the best platforms to use when it comes to catching the attention of your audience. Brands have leveraged the fifteen-second videos to garner an extraordinary amount of attention

The opportunity for another ice bucket challenge or hashtag challenge has been high since the virality of Tik Tok.

It will be quite interesting to see how various brands use the hashtag challenge and create another viral Tik Tok.

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