Trends of Social Media Marketing

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game for social media marketers. The ripples of change will also be a huge part of the trends of 2021. Let’s look at the current and future of social media trends this year.

User-Generated Content

In 2021, user-generated content- remixes, challenges will be on the rise. 

Brands will leverage UGC to achieve their brand goals.

Meme Marketing

There is no better way to convey a message than using a meme. Social media platforms will see memes as a form of political, social, and even brand communication.

Social Gaming

In the pandemic, online games were the most popular platforms. Online gaming platforms and chatrooms will be significant for traditional and upcoming brands to reach their audience.


Employing podcasts to create awareness and reaching audiences will be witnessed in 2021.

Social Consciousness

The coming generation is conscious and wants the brands to acknowledge social issues. Shying away from such conversations will lead to reduced brand interactions and eventually lesser purchases.